Shaun K.

“Too often Businesses, especially service industry businesses are shot out into the media for mishaps or wrong doings that were not always intentional or out of their control.  Being a Small Business Owner myself, I see this often and I also see there was no fault of our own.  I believe it’s important to give positive feedback on Companies such as Long Insurance Group when service expectations are met, and certainly when they are exceeded.  As I mentioned before, I have a Small Business with a few different entities.  I went to Chris Long @ LIG for a price comparison and quote on my business Insurance coverages.  We were paying roughly $36k a year with all coverages we had with “previous name brand Ins Company” for the past several years.  Not only was Chris and his company able to save us right at $24k a year in premiums, he was also able to point out areas where we were exposed and not protected as we assumed we were.  Chris’s thoroughness in reviewing our coverages, ensuring we had the proper coverages where needed, and save us several thousands of dollars in premiums, goes to show you the level of service and care he & his practice has for each and every client.  After this process was completed, it was a given for me to have Chris & LIG review my personal coverages as well.  In short, Chris was able to increase my coverages, add a rental policy, and a $500k Life Insurance Policy, for the exact same premiums as I was paying before, but I had less coverages, no rental, and no Life Insurance Policy.  I would highly recommend Chris Long & Long Insurance Group to any family, friend, and/or stranger. “